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How traditional enterprises to new retail transformation?

New retail, from operating products to operators

Traditional retail is really called the era of product management. Previously in B&Q, if sold 5 thousand sets of cabinets last year, this year to sell 6 thousand sets of cabinets, everything is operating products.

Not to say that we did not want the operator, but the consumer left the store lost contact. B&Q building materials supermarket is good, because we have delivery, and probably know the address. Other consumer goods, no longer contact after going out.

The new retail is the biggest background of the mobile Internet era, the realization of the man-machine integration, consumers with mobile phones to your place of consumption. You seize consumer mobile phones, traditional retail, two problems can be solved. One, you won't lose contact with him; two, you know who he is.

New retail advantage

Comparison of e-commerce: low customer costs and logistics costs

A good business model is tested with two rulers: none of the good patterns that users experience can be improved exponentially is not a good model for business efficiency. The new retail should also start with user experience and efficiency.

E-commerce has two weaknesses: 1, the cost of getting higher and higher; 2, high logistics costs, logistics costs will not be higher, but it accounts for relatively fixed proportion of transactions, but also relatively high.

The new retail is to make use of the original retail stores, traditional stores two no significant advantage can be reflected in: first, the traditional stores passenger access to almost don't have money, just have the passenger into user management; second, traditional stores have a B2B replenishment process, the logistics cost is has occurred. If the premise of customer self lifting, or with the last 100 meters to use traditional retail manual implementation of replenishment, the logistics costs will not increase.

Therefore, the new retail is the most taboo is not resolved the two soft underbelly of e-commerce, and the traditional retail two advantages did not play out.

Comparing traditional retailing with expert effect and plateau effect

Then, where should the new retail advantage be compared to the traditional retail? It is very different from traditional retail, that is, to find ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional retail.

Traditional enterprises are most painful: labor costs are rising, rental costs are on the rise. The new retail needs to address two issues of traditional retail: the traditional retail effect, per capita output rose substantially, and output per square meter increased substantially. Therefore, the effect of the new retail scene must be far higher than the traditional retail effect.

While e-commerce efficiency is very high, therefore, the new retail formats to achieve a breakthrough in the two business weakness, and solved two bane of traditional retail, the efficiency of new retail should be exponentially higher than traditional retail, is better than that of electronic commerce.

Human efficiency must be higher than traditional retail, but it can be lower than e-commerce; the cost of obtaining customers is much lower than that of e-commerce; the cost of logistics is much lower than that of e-commerce; and the effect of "Ping" is better than that of traditional retail. When this efficiency is reached, the new retail efficiency becomes stronger.

Of course, not all of the traditional retail can be converted into new retail, and some traditional retail should be replaced by the Internet and e-commerce.

For example, the community convenience store has new formats to the new retail transformation, Ali, Jingdong are optimistic about community business. Because the community is one of the residential entrance is to the community, the position is stuck in the community, consumers will have the opportunity to traditional retail stores. If the community stores its richness, to experience the product price as it does not large, nearby? Any entrance with a community character, is the future of new retail battleground, including community convenience stores, community fresh, community pharmacies, and so on.

Four correct positions for new retail transformation

How traditional enterprises to new retail transformation? Four online, before and after the order can not be wrong.

Employee Online

The most important thing is that employees first online. Man machine integration is not only a combination of consumers and machines, but also a combination of human and machine. In the PC era, the retail industry, man-machine separation, it is impossible for each salesperson with a computer, can not ask him to shop in the service of moving around in the process of opening the computer at any time. But today, every employee has a cell phone in his pocket, so the employee has realized the man-machine integration.

Today, the team did not achieve human-computer integration, did not make good use of human-computer integration, not to staff online first step in place, can only say that not done well.

Product online

The second step, the so-called product online: there must be more than traditional retail products, lower markup rate, to achieve more provinces.

Product online refers to the person who takes care of the product and opens a huge micro store for each employee. I am very opposed to the so-called company online, the company opened a WeChat public number, do an official website, after finishing, and no one to see.

Customer online

How to achieve customer online? Customers are stuck with two things. The first is people pull your staff to your customers to stick, two people into a social people, rely on a good product to the customer. Customer online is the result, customer online is not a process.

This is not possible with the customer online until no employee has been online and has not implemented the product online. The client comes up with employee services, not cold company services. Customers come up with a reason, because there is a good product waiting to be online.

Management Online

The current three are online, and then the company management online.

Managing online is always service and supervision. What is service? Today, a popular word is "empowerment" and "service"

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