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Cherish the IQ, away from the block chain"

The Chinese people have always practiced a variety of conflicting values, and how to choose the right values at the right time has become an important ability for our people to control their lives.

For example, the hatred of chemical processing, belief in natural creation, is one of the most simple views of the nation. Guo Degang until now, still in the comic by Yu Qian wife tone audience education "of Western medicine beverages, I give you some Chinese medicine to boil, after listening to the audience nodded; and most understand our consumer Jiangsu marketing guru Ye Maozhong, was also at this point for some skin care products made famous advertising words" we hate chemistry".

Interestingly, the deep-seated hatred of chemistry, but did not affect the Chinese people embrace the technology in the field of physics, information of the new vocabulary. For example, from late 90s to the "magnetic", "infrared", "resonance", then "nano" and "quantum", a little progress in the physical world or academic focus whenever will be transformed into people's Chinese health magic.

The same thing also appears in the field of information technology, and any hot Internet concept is bound to provide a wealth of opportunities for fraudsters. From the "Chinese domain", "WeChat marketing", "financial P2P" and "O2O enterprise" to "MMM" and "Solomon matrix", accompanied by the Chinese people of the "mysterious technical term is certainly opportunity" faith, the cut chives is getting better and better to do.

The latest hoax is the concept of a fire - block chain".

I have a little boss friend

In many of the anxiety syndrome, "middle" and "Baoma" at least for social media to vent, and those located in the vast territory of the small and medium-sized enterprise boss, is no place they come fromthe growth performance, team building, market judgment and knowledge update on anxiety.

SMEs are largely dependent on the boss's own ability to achieve survival, and this is aware of the three or four lines of small entities do the real economy, who always feel the lack of potential energy and hope in the Internet age. From the northward projection of information, the unequal gap deepens this anxiety.

Just as the anxious people have enough money to pay, what role they will play in the market is predictable.

I have such a little boss friend. Ten years ago, I watched him sing the National Anthem from the following form to enter the Chinese Academy tutor, met a bunch of "elder brother", and then to the day Su Yinhua (Chen Anzhi disciple) forwarded the classic quotations, to participate in the spectacular "mother fund to raise the public network"...... The incense paid by the small bosses who opened the masses supported the hundreds of high school educational standards in our country and opened Bentley.

I was already numb and lazy about what he had been fooled about. Until last week, he threw up a link and said, "look for me.". Look at the link that reads "Li Xiaolai", "block chain investment" and so on. I was immediately shocked - -

After all, the times are improving, and those who have read some books can finally come out to cheat the little bosses.

(Xue Han, micro-blog screenshot, Xue has invested in "block chain")

"To block chain project," a steady thirty percent earnings a month"

How can you fool the little boss with high efficiency? A simple way of investigation is Baidu to stop gambling, in a title for "what can you do to earn money? I have 130 thousand hands now, what can I earn 1000 a day?" Son, a brother "to get back to the block chain project, a thirty percent month income steadily".

The 30% rate of return, this is the true understanding of the printingblock chain ", what Guizhou large data center, the national AI strategy is too far away," the original meaning of the blockchain are even less known (for example, I don't know what is the meaning of this word, but does not affect my writing this article, also do not affect your reading).

The corresponding, the Cong bitcoin founder and password are punk in the beginning of the philosophy and political metaphor, it was completely my country wise people completely accepted:

The state will inevitably try to slow or prevent the spread of encryption technology. But that does not stop the spread of anarchy from encryption technology."

This is the "block chain" as a theoretical basis for profiteering means: a can be separated from the government's control of the "underground stock market."". The game is played like this:

First, look for some yards. Not too expensive, 3K monthly salary can be, Beida Jade Bird's best. Let them go to places likeGitHub and code some of them, such as the development of a quantum chain

(15 days will be able to change the code to end, 1.5K can pay for)

Well, you already have a block chain project that can run. The practical significance of this project does not matter. You can make a list of what can be done to improve medical efficiency, speed up financial change and promote the development of science and technology. Here, let's take a look at teacher Li Xiaolai's PressOne project. The block chain project is called "subversion of the central content distribution model" -

(trembling, all the garbage that dares to offer free content.)

Then, you only need to write a typo looks not too many white PDF files, hanging on the line, you can wait and announced the public to raise, let them pay the leek.

Someone may ask, these items are not obvious is bullshit, what will leek investment?

Have you ever heard of "hitting new"? Yes, that's the legendary A stock

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